These 3 Factors Show Bitcoin Is Poised to Press Higher After $1,000 Drop


Bitcoin is pressing higher after plunging as low as $11,150 on Thursday. The asset now trades at $11,500 as of this article’s writing. Analysts assert that the cryptocurrency remains in no man’s land in the near term. A move higher could confirm that there is more upside in the works for this nascent market. Yet it is important to note that while Bitcoin could move higher from here, a more serious correction is not off the table. Bitcoin Could Soon Move Higher, as Crazy as That May Sound Bitcoin is printing three clear signs that it will move higher in the near future, according to a recent analysis shared by a trader. On August 28th, the trader in question shared the following three technical signals that suggest that while “It is hard to believe, [BTC] looks like it wants to go up from here…” The signals he mentioned are as…

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