There’s Only Two Resistances Left Before Bitcoin Sets Fresh All-Time Highs

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Bitcoin has seen unprecedented volatility throughout the past few days, with its ascent reaching a boiling point last night when bulls stepped up and sent it flying to highs of $18,600 The selling pressure here was quite intense and rapidly caused it to see a selloff Within a mere matter of minutes, its price declined from highs of $18,600 to lows of $17,400, with the support here sparking a sharp rebound It has since stabilized and is consolidating just below $18,000, with its short-term technical outlook remaining strong One analyst is now noting that there are only two key resistance levels left before the cryptocurrency sets fresh all-time highs These levels could be broken sooner than investors expect Bitcoin has seen some wild price action throughout the past few days and weeks. Bulls have been attempting to control its trend, sending it to highs of $18,600 late last night. However,…

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