The Wonder Team Behind Core That is Improving Liquidity Issues in DeFi

A lot is at stake for one anonymous DeFi project that has recently raised $60 million in locked liquidity. Core’s focus with the new project, Delta Financial, is on minimizing risk inside the highly volatile world of tokenized assets. The underlying goal is to create a healthier marketplace by locking down assets during times of mass volatility. DeFi has recently made its way into the world of options trading. This follows a significant push into the margin trading arena, with crypto trading platforms managing to attract notable trading volumes, however the same cannot be said for the vehicle of the decentralized options. Decentralized options platforms perform in a different manner to traditional centralized options trading platforms. Unlike on centralized options platforms, with DeFi for an option to be sold, the underlying asset must first be minted. Options are collateralized by being sent in full value to Vaults. This ensures that…

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