The upcoming DEX SWAP SERVICE will be made by the Insider Protocol team

The Mechanics of the Future team who stands behind the cross-chain Insider Protocol project is going to make its own DEX SWAP SERVICE. Details about the launch date of the swap service will be announced in the coming weeks. We will keep our readers updated and publish more information on our Bitcoinist media. For now, the Insider Protocol project has its own bitcoin trading bot based on an HFT algorithm and a vast ecosystem consist of DEFI, DEX, Atomic Swaps, MimbleWimble protocol, Smart Contracts, Validation, Merchant Platform, DAO, Escrow, Governance, etc. will be based on cross-chain without sharding and layer 2 solutions. The project’s main module and the well-known HFT trading bot is a large set of complex algorithms and trading patterns for various market situations. Each situation or pattern can be divided into several more situations, which give a large number of possible scenarios. But any AI-based trading bot…

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