The Top Exchanges for New Traders to Try

So you’ve bought your first bitcoin and are ready to start exploring more exotic crypto assets. Congratulations: you’re in the game. The trick is to not lose the game before you’ve had a chance to get started. While your interest in trading altcoins is sure to be profit-motivated, capital preservation should be your initial goal. In other words, before you can win, you need to focus on not losing by minimizing risks. This means trading on reputable exchanges whose security is top-notch and trading crypto assets that are likeliest to grow – as opposed to haemorrhaging until your hard-earned BTC has been whittled down to zero. If you’re new to the crypto trading game, steer clear of institutional-grade exchanges with advanced order types, complex options products, and an array of features: that stuff is for the pros. What you need is an exchange that will show you the ropes, help…

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