The Three Factors That Could Topple The Recent Bitcoin Rally

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Bitcoin has held above $30,000 for nearly two full weeks, and the former all-time high of $20,000 seems like a distant memory. But there are three factors that are only growing in threat that could topple the epic bull run the cryptocurrency has been on. Bitcoin Holds Above $30,000 For Almost Two Weeks, But Strength Could Be Waning The leading cryptocurrency by market cap has yet to experience any sizable pullbacks beyond 25%. For an asset that’s notorious for 80% or more retracements, and as much as 37% during bull markets, the recent price action is uncharacteristic. The perfect storm of institutional interest, low supply, and rapidly rising inflation fears, has resulted in the second most powerful Bitcoin bull run yet. And because there’s no telling where the top is, the cryptocurrency could be on track to shatter all expectations. But if there was going to be a tipping point,…

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