The Simplest Bitcoin Analysis as BTC/USD Refreshes Milestone High

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A quick look into the world’s leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin and what’s ahead for it as it achieves another lifetime high. And So It Goes, And So It Goes In retrospect, the BTC/USD exchange rate reached $62,750 ahead of the European opening bell on Tuesday. Some traders really showed their conviction for an extended bullish bias in the Bitcoin market. The previous top, near $61,778, now looks less like resistance and more like support, preparing the price for another leg up towards $65,000, $70,000, and maybe even $100,000. On the other hand, the prospect of traders securing profits near local tops offset upside convictions. As the bitcoin price rallies monumentally, it becomes riskier for some to buy it at sessional peaks. Bitcoin’s response to parabolic upside moves throughout its twelve-year lifetime has resulted in yearlong bear markets. Of course, this time, Bitcoin appears more mature as an investment asset thanks to…

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