The Market Needs Crypto Cards For Daily Purchases, Not Another Wallet For Coins

Why there are still much fewer crypto card users than cryptocurrency holders, who need cryptocurrency cards, and what are their benefits, shared СEO of the virtual bank TTM Bank Vladislav Utushkin. – The first crypto cards, analogs of bank cards that can be replenished with cryptocurrencies, appeared more than five years ago, but even among the crypto assets holders, not everyone can boast of having one. Why does the popularity of crypto cards lag behind the growth rate of the crypto market? – Indeed, until recently, not every cryptocurrency holder had a crypto card. This is due to several constraining factors that have hindered and partly still hinder the development of this sphere. First, the card is primarily about everyday payments: stores, restaurants, or plane tickets. Most of these companies do not accept payments directly in cryptocurrencies. Not to mention Russia where it is illegal to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.…

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