The First DeFi Product From Hackers Gets an Unorthodox Debut In Hackathon

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Community members of the cybersecurity company Hacken recently launched the First Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition. The competition website itself was later hacked. After the hack, those behind the breach used their access to leave a message announcing a new DeFi project along with more information for the Hackathon’s organizers. Here’s all you need to know about the world’s first Grey Hat hacker built DeFi project. First Grey Hat Hackathon Attracts World-Class Hackers Hacken community organizer Leo Andreo launched the First Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition on January 19, inviting world-class hackers with grey hat ideas that can be turned into sustainable businesses. The prize pool is worth up to 45,000 USDT. Within a week, the First Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition site was hacked. Those who infiltrated the website were clearly skilled and used their expertise to leave a message to the Hackathon’s organizers. The message included the project’s…

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