The Fall of Bitcoin’s Worst Enemy Could Cause Crypto to Collapse

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Today, big banks across the globe begin revealing quarterly revenue results that could send the stock market tumbling. And given Bitcoin’s continued correlation with the stock market, a devastating blow to the asset’s worst enemy may also drag crypto down with it. Bitcoin Prepares for Next Battle In Ongoing War With Its Worst Enemy Bitcoin is the first of its kind cryptocurrency that sparked the creation of an entire industry and financial market, with thousands of altcoins created in its image. The asset was created by Satoshi Nakamoto during the Great Recession as a way to take control of monetary policy away from big banks and governments. Bitcoin users can act as their own bank, keeping custody of their assets without the need for a third party. RELATED READING | ECONOMIST WARNS OF 1929-LIKE SECOND LEG DOWN; WILL BITCOIN FOLLOW? Being directly opposed to big banks is so essential to…

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