The Factor That Could Lead To Much Higher Prices This Bitcoin Bull Run

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Bitcoin price reached more than $28,000 over the holiday weekend, giving investors extra to celebrate as the bizarre year of 2020 comes to a close. Analysts are mixed — some warn Bitcoin has topped out based on technicals while others look to fundamentals and other factors unique to this cycle such as the emergence of institutional buyers to support continuation. But there’s yet another overlooked factor that one investor and crypto startup founder claims could be a real game-changer during this bull run, that wasn’t around during the last. How Crypto Collateral Loans Make This Cycle Special If you take the current Bitcoin market cycle from top to bottom and layer it over the last (pictured below), it’s clear the first-ever cryptocurrency is trending far stronger than the previous example. The last bear market into the raging bull that was 2017, currently stands as the best historical example of what…

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