The Day Ethereum beats Bitcoin: Is The Flippening Coming?

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It’s Ethereum time to shine. The smart contracts pioneer is doing so well lately that the flippening narrative returned. With a vengeance. The flippening refers to the hypothetical time when ETH’s market capitalization surpasses that of BTC. Will that ever happen? Can Ethereum dethrone Bitcoin and become the king of the crypto space? And if so, will it happen this cycle? Let’s explore the case further. We at Bitcoinist already covered the main reasons for Ethereum’s recent rise to prominence, which are: On one hand, we have the rise of DeFi and the NFT craze. On the technical side, we have the EIP-1559 update coming in July. And on the corporate side, Visa settling transactions in USDC, the EIB’s €100M digital bond, and the release of CME Ethereum Futures. And to that, we should add the three Ethereum ETFs recently approved in Canada. The institutional adoption seems to be following…

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