The Crucial Level to Watch as Ethereum Prepares to Shoot Toward $700


Ethereum topped out dramatically in August when it hit $490, then crashed. The coin currently trades for $370, 25% below those highs. Analysts think that Ethereum could soon shoot higher as the macro trend remains bullish. ETH will need to hold a crucial support level in the $300 range, then decisively surmount the year-to-date highs around the high-$400s. Institutions are getting bullish alongside technical analysts. Grayscale Investments recently revealed that it has accumulated 2% of all of the cryptocurrency in circulation. Ethereum Could Shoot Toward $600-700: Here’s Why Analysts think that Ethereum is on track to shoot towards $600-700 in the coming months and years as long as it holds pivotal support in the vicinity of $300. The head of technical analysis at Blockfyre, a crypto-asset research company, recently said on the matter: “ETH price discovery. 2021 Glaringly obvious only the patient will win but there’s trades to be taken…

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