The Clock is Ticking for Bitcoin to Make a Massive Move; What Analysts are Saying


Bitcoin’s price has been caught within an incredibly tight consolidation phase over the past few weeks Multiple trend catalysts – both bearish and bullish – have arisen during this time, yet none of them have been able to provide BTC with any notable momentum Analysts are now noting that this won’t last for too much longer, with many expecting a large movement in the coming days and weeks One trader also believes that the next move will have serious conviction and may set the tone for where it trends over a long-term timeframe Bitcoin and the entire crypto market have been consolidating as of late, with multiple notable news events doing little to provide BTC with any directionality. Just a matter of weeks ago, news broke regarding the CFTC’s pursuit of the BitMEX co-founders. This rocked the market for a short period of time, causing Bitcoin to reel from $10,900…

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