Tether (USDT) Launches Digital Yuan Before PBoC

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Controversial firm Tether Limited has announced that it is expanding its list of stablecoins by launching an offshore yuan-backed digital currency. Tether Continues its March The Hong Kong company said in a short blog post that the new stablecoin, known as CNHT, would be pegged one-to-one to the offshore Chinese yuan. Like its popular stablecoin USDT, which is backed by the US dollar, CNHT would be issued as an ERC20 token atop the Ethereum blockchain. The announcement follows years of debate about the correlation between the Chinese yuan and bitcoin. Many analysts believe that investors in China use bitcoin as a tool against state-imposed capital controls. And a depreciating value of yuan has prompted a majority of them to dump their yuan or yuan-based assets for bitcoin. Tether appears to be cashing-in on the sentiment as worries over a gloomy economy – majorly led by the ongoing US-China trade dispute…

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