Tether Flips Binance Coin For 6th Largest Crypto Spot

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Controversy continues to surround Tether, as recent market moves have vaulted the crypto into the sixth position on the world’s list of digital assets. As Tether fires up its printers once again, many market commentators wonder if this will lead to a sustained BTC prop above the 10K level. Controversial cryptocurrency Tether continues to make headlines for itself, although many commentators have highlighted issues which suggest it’s for all the wrong reasons. Tether’s Recent Price Moves Recent price moves have vaulted USDT past Binance and into sixth place on the world’s list of most valuable cryptocurrencies. However, it appears some traders have failed to view the move as having a significant level of legitimacy. As Tether continues to influence broader market sentiment, commentator @CasPiancy tweeted: Of course, crypto issuance remains another factor influencing sentiment, as Tether has fired up its printers again (for the first time in a month). Coin…

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