Tesla’s bitcoin effect: This German Tech-Company is the Hidden Champion of the New Crypto Era

As everyone in crypto land already knows, Bitcoin just reached its new all-time peak after reports of an SEC filing by Tesla broke out this Monday. Through an impressive declaration of a $1.5 billion purchase, the news detailed, the automobile giant is set on allowing its customers to make payments using BTC. Therefore, it has taken the first step to procure itself the necessary liquidity. To most, this might come as no surprise as CEO Elon Musk, who recently reached the top of Forbes’ wealthiest individuals list, of course, is no newcomer to cryptocurrency. In the past months, he’s been linked to Bitcoin, the currency’s meme/parody doppelganger DogeCoin (which he actively promotes on Twitter), and even famously stated that his intended human colony on Mars would run using cryptocurrency. Ramifications, down to the roots It’s easy to get lost thinking about prices, charts, and the proverbial lambos when big news…

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