Ten Telltale Signs Of Stocks Topping Resemble DeFi And Crypto

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The stock market bubble is popping, according to most top economists and financial analysts. In a new note to investors, a well-known capital manager has revealed the ten telltale signs that the stock market has indeed topped. But it is the fact that these signs also match the recent DeFi trend that took over crypto in the last several months that should have cryptocurrency investors spooked. If DeFi and crypto are also in a bubble that’s popping alongside stocks, could things get dangerous across the crypto market once again especially surrounding DeFi coins? As Stocks Stumble, Analysts Claim Telltale Tech Bubble Is Finally Popping Greenlight Capital founder David Einhorn sent a letter to investors this week claiming that the top is in for the stock market, and now that sentiment is shifting, to brace for impact. “The decline starts and the psychology shifts from greed to complacency to worry to…

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