Ten Days Remain Where Buying Bitcoin Was Unprofitable

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Believe it or not, Bitcoin price is now trading at over $17,000, even though earlier this year it crashed to under $4,000. From low to high, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap rallied over 350%. With prices now trading around highs from late 2017 and early 2018 when Bitcoin had set its peak, it has left only ten days remaining where buying BTC was unprofitable. Bitcoin Faces $17,200 Where Bear Market Began, Final Resistance Before ATH Retest In the month of November alone, Bitcoin has grown by nearly 30% capping off what has been an incredible year and recovery. There are very few reasons left, if any, to be bearish on Bitcoin at all. The cryptocurrency’s halving is in the past, the retest of $10,000 feels like a distance memory, and a new higher high has been set. Bitcoin is ready once again for a bull market, and there are…

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