Technical Signal Suggests Gold Is Ready For Revenge Against Bitcoin

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The digital gold narrative and fears of hyperinflation looming as the economy weakens and more fiat money is printed, has driven Bitcoin to incredible heights and done so quickly. But considering the cryptocurrency’s history of frightening drawdowns, things could turn at a moment’s notice. One sign that Bitcoin could soon be in some trouble comes from the cryptocurrency’s trading pair against gold, which has reached a TD 9 sell setup on monthly timeframes. The signal, if confirmed, would suggest the current trend is exhausted and a bounce is coming sooner than later. Bitcoin Continues To Beat The Gold Standard At Its Own Game Gold’s reputation has been tarnished for the first time in its long history as a safe haven asset and store of value. According to brilliant entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and other top crytpo analysts, precious metals are being demonetized by the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The…

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