Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price Rally And The Weeks Top Headlines

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This week, a string of Chinese hitmen were jailed after each subcontracted the next to carry out an assassination. The final hitman colluded with the target to fake his death, thus getting the whole lot caught and imprisoned. Thankfully not everyone in China is incompetent. President Xi Jinping did a great job of pumping Bitcoin this week, albeit perhaps unintentionally. Bitcoin Price For a week which had some heart-stopping moments, things seem (touch wood) to be ending well for BTC. So how did it all pan out? The beginning of the week saw what turned out to be a false start for bitcoin price, though it got us all excited at the time. BTC bounced back above $8,200, and suddenly perhaps McAfee’s new $2 million predictions weren’t so crazy. Tightening technicals were signaling a big move, and PlanB confirmed that the stock-to-flow model still put us on track for a…

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