Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price Holds Above $9k, Week’s Other News

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The world’s most profitable company, today announced that it is going public, in what could be the biggest ever IPO. The oil giant, Saudi Aramco, posted an H1 profit of $46.9bn in 2019, compared to Apple’s $21.6bn in the same period. But one imagines that return on investment will still pale into insignificance compared to Bitcoin. Bitcoin Price Following last week’s contested Xi-pump, could bitcoin price capitalize on the move and post further gains? Initially, it seemed like that could well happen as a late Sunday pump took price over $9,600. One analyst noted that it would only take 9 further days of 20%+ gains for BTC to hit $50k. Analysts were coming out of the woodwork with increasingly bullish price predictions, including one which had BTC priced in the millions, but was over a decade away. Perhaps more tangible was a target of $20k by the end of 2019.…

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