Stock Market Sell Trigger Could Drag Bitcoin Down Later This Month

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Bitcoin continues to trade sideways, but also has been unable to shake an ongoing correlation with the stock market. If the cryptocurrency doesn’t break out soon and break free from the shackles of the S&P 500, it could drag Bitcoin down at the end of the month. Is Bitcoin Waiting For The Stock Market To Break Down? For nearly two months straight now, Bitcoin price has been locked in a tight trading range. Volatility has been declining, and everyone is watching and waiting for what they expect to be a major, explosive move. But even despite best efforts from both bears and bulls to break the range, things just keep pacing sideways. Concerning data shows that this could remain a lot longer than investors would hope or expect. The boredom in the otherwise notoriously volatile asset class is essentially the max pain scenario for crypto traders. RELATED READING | HOW…

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