Staking Rewards: Top Crypto Platforms for Passive Income in 2020

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The crypto market is volatile. For those seeking to offset some of this unpredictability with a knowable passive income, staking has become a popular option, with $31B currently staked in various crypto assets. A crucial part of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms, staking involves users helping to validate blocks by locking up a portion of their assets in return for a yield. The return is usually a share of the block rewards relative to the staked amount, combined with other factors. Locking up assets in this way helps ensure the security of the blockchain. Several staking-based platforms and projects have entered the space in recent years. Staking-as-a-Service third-party solutions have also built up around them, such as Coinbase Custody, and the latest DeFi mania has brought in further interest for yield in general through “farming” or liquidity mining. Let’s look at five of the most promising staking solutions on the market…

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