Stablecoin Staking is Finally Possible: Neutrino USD (USDN) Offers a Safer Alternative to Tether

Since the start of June, Tether’s market cap has grown by 13%, and that of USDC Coin has finally crossed the $1bn mark. The Covid-19 pandemic has given a tremendous boost to the stablecoin markets as investors search for ways to protect their capital away from the stock market. Apart from a hedge against volatility, dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies offer something that no bank or money market account сan provide right now: high yields. The APR reaches 10% when lending USDC, 8-15% when staking USDN, and 5.5% on USDT lending accounts. USDT and USDC have a censorship problem While centralized assets like Tether and USD Coin yield more reliable gains than stocks or commodities, they are subject to very specific risks. One of these is censorship: the Terms of Service of both USDT and UDSC state that the company has the right to block an address and freeze all the coins in…

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