Stable +35% Monthly with FBC14 algorithm – Interview with the CEO

Today via video call our reporter talked to a person who turned the world of financial analysis upside down. Our website has a unique opportunity to take a look at a short interview with one of the most secretive people of our time, whom many compare to Satoshi Nakamoto – Michael Hill, an Oxford graduate, Master of Economics, and one of the creators of the FBC14 algorithm and the FBC Fund. Reporter: Hi, Michael, thank you for joining us today! Please, tell us how the idea of such an algorithm occurred to you? How do people even come up with something like that? Michael Hill: You’re welcome. The problem with our society is that people only see success, and all the failures and vain efforts always remain unnoticed. You like our algorithm, but only a few people pay attention to the fact that it took us 8 long years to…

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