S&P Dow Jones Launches Bitcoin And Ethereum Indexes


S&P Dow Jones Indices has launched three new cryptocurrency indices. The S&P Bitcoin Index, S&P Ethereum Index, and S&P Crypto Mega Cap Index (a combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum) will allow retail traders to easily gain exposure to these two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. A Move Long Overdue The S&P Dow Jones Indices launched its first-ever crypto indexes featuring Bitcoin, and Ethereum. According to the published document detailing the methodology, the indexes include the S&P Bitcoin Index which measures the performance of Bitcoin, the S&P Ethereum Index, designed to measure the performance of Ether, and the S&P Crypto Mega Cap Index dedicated to measuring the performance of both digital currencies. The step demonstrates how mature the digital currency ecosystem has become, with the primary goal of monitoring the success of the top digital currencies listed on exchanges around the world. The cryptocurrency indices, according to the S&P Dow Jones,…

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