SoftBank Launches New Blockchain Wallet Card

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Japan’s telecom carrier SoftBank launched its SBC Wallet Card (Softbank Card 3.0), which integrates a blockchain wallet. SoftBank Claims its Blockchain Card Has Better Security Besides the basic features of a bank card, Softbank Card 3.0 incorporates multiple functions. The card’s security relies on SoftBank’s proprietary encryption system that uses several encryption mechanisms. Card users can choose between hot and cold wallet functions. The card acts both as a typical credit card and as a digital wallet. In addition, it integrates the Internet of Things (IoT) chips that can connect with smart home appliances. The card can be managed via a special application. Users can download the app to handle their fiat currencies, digital currencies, electronic payment service, and credit card function. By turning on the Wi-Fi module, the card implements a hot wallet, while a cold wallet can be accessed when the Wi-Fi is turned off. The user interface…

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