SnapEx Platform Review

SnapEx, a global service-oriented cryptocurrency contract trading platform is designed for everyday use by novices and experienced traders alike. Recently, it has grown in popularity due to low trading fees (0.1%) and easy to use interface offering up to 100x leverage on top crypto assets. To assist traders in understanding the SnapEx platform and whether or not it is an ideal choice over the rest of the sea of competition out there, we’ve prepared this review. About SnapEx SnapEx is a crypto margin trading platform founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore. The platform offers crypto traders exposure to a variety of crypto-asset derivative contracts using up to 100x leverage. This comes with providing the users the ability to profit from whichever direction the cryptocurrency market turns next through long and short positions. Bull market, bear market, or even a sideways trading range, SnapEx arms traders with an arsenal of…

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