Smart Farm Startup Green Labs Finalizes $18 Million Round Led by Hashed

Green Labs, a Seoul and San Francisco based startup pioneering smart farming using Internet of Things (IoT), has completed its Series B round. The $18 million round was headed by one of South Korea’s leading blockchain venture capital firms, Hashed, bringing Green Labs’ fundraising total to $28 million to date. The capital will allow the startup to work towards its goals faster, including plans to expand human resources across all areas of its operations. Green Labs already has an innovative live platform and 20,000 customer user base, but expects to quintuple its users to 100,000 over the next six months following this development. Smart Farming Uses Data to Enhance the Entire Supply Chain Beginning operations in 2017, Green Labs entered the Korean smart farming market with a new way to strengthen crop production and distribution. The introduction of its Farm Morning service created a platform to aggregate reliable data and…

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