Same Technical Signal That Predicted Bitcoin’s 250% 2019 Rally Returns


Bitcoin is up approximately 20% in the past seven days as it pushes $11,400 for the second time in the past week. Bulls are seemingly in control as the cryptocurrency remains above the pivotal $10,500 resistance. There are technical signals that recently formed that were seen at the start of BTC’s previous macro rallies. History rhyming will mean that the leading cryptocurrency soon begins a macro bull market that will take it to new highs. Further corroborating the bullish narrative are the fundamentals of Bitcoin, which some commentators say are stronger than ever before. Bitcoin Forms A Series of Positive Macro Signals Bitcoin is forming pivotal macro buy signals after trending higher over recent months. These signals suggest that the leading cryptocurrency is on the verge of a longer-term bull run that will likely outlast the rally seen in 2019. One trader shared the chart below on July 31st, noting…

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