SafeMoon’s Latest AMA Was A Trainwreck. Reputation Permanently Damaged?

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There was no moderator. SafeMoon used Twitch as a platform for the event. There were other people on the panel but they weren’t properly introduced. The company’s CEO, John Karony, played master of ceremony. The company’s CTO, Thomas Smith, played the show’s main guess. They both played themselves. What Happened At SafeMoon’s AMA? SafeMoon promised exciting announcements and new developments. It provided neither. The transmission’s title was “Miami Crypto Experience 2021 Edition,” but who-was-where wasn’t properly explained. At least Thomas Smith seemed to be in a conference environment. “DeFi was hungry for honesty,” he said. You can catch the rerun of this live event here. If you’re not familiar with SafeMoon and their incredible month, read this article first. If you already know about them, let’s cut to the chase and answer this question. They started with amazing facts: the website is receiving a million visitors a day, and two…

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