Russian Bitcoin Miner Wants To Control 20 Percent of Global BTC Mining

29th October 3 640x400

Bitcoin mining will breathe new life in a closed Russian aluminum plant which lost access to American customers following the introduction of U.S. sanctions in April 2018. Russian Mining Company’s (RMC) Dmitry Marichinev wants to ramp up BTC mining across Russia. For this, he has sought ground in the Nadvoitsky Aluminum Plant (NAZ) in Karelia. Aluminum Plant Turned Bitcoin Mining Hub The U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) had placed NAZ parent company Rusal under sanctions in April last year, as owner Oleg Deripaska, a businessman with ties to the Kremlin was named a “Designated Russian Oligarch” by the U.S. Treasury. Deripaska has since given up his controlling stake in Rusal. Sanctions against the company were lifted, but production at Nadvoitsy has not resumed. Now part of the old production site has been leased to the RMC, a Rusal representative confirmed. Apart from RMC, there are others who rent…

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