Run Bank Run

As we know, a number of French cities have been the scene of protest recently. The protesters, distinguished by their yellow vests, have been increasingly creative in their tactics and now seem to have a new plan. The idea is that if enough people withdraw all their money from the bank at the same time they might be able to force a liquidity crunch requiring government intervention, possibly crashing the Euro, and send a unified message to authorities. While I’m no fan of the fractional reserve banking system, I’m not sure that trying to topple economy is a very productive course of action. In any case, there probably isn’t anything to worry about here as it would take several millionaires getting onboard to have the desired effect and that just doesn’t seem very likely. @MatiGreenspaneToro, Senior Market Analyst Today’s Highlights Friendly Fed Shutdown: Day 20 Crypto Drop Traditional Markets Stocks…

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