Ripple Unlocks 1 Billion XRP Ahead of Swell Conference

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Ripple has unlocked the 23rd tranche of XRP from its escrow accounts, according to escrow tracking service, XRP Arcade. But where are these new 1 billion tokens headed? Ripple Careful with Selling Escrow Funds The new tranche was a predictable unlocking of coins out of Ripple’s well-established escrow program. The purpose of the escrow programme is to ensure the steady release of pre-mined XRP tokens at the start of each month. Historical data show that for the 23 unlocking periods, Ripple has decreased its escrow by a total of 5 billion coins. This means around 227 million XRP were sold or distributed, on average, each month. The company has several options on how to use the coins. They can be gifted to new partnerships, used for incentive programmes or they can be sold to cover operational expenses. Some of the XRP outstanding are then once again returned to escrow. 1,000,000,000…

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