Ripple Reviews “Deletable Accounts” Feature, Should You Be Worried?

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Another day, another proposed improvement to Ripple’s XRP Ledger (XRPL). The latest proposal waiting on an 80% majority from its network validators is “Deletable Accounts” – and it sounds just a little bit concerning. XRPL’s Amendment Process Before laying out the case for Deletable Accounts, Ripple CTO David Schwartz explained how XRP incorporates new features into its ledger. The XRP Ledger (XRPL), he stated, was designed to be “robust,” “stable,” and “decentralized.” As such, like all blockchains, its developers continually make improvements. When it comes to XRPL, one particular area of interest is governance: As the XRP Ledger network grows, so does the need for improved governance. He then dove into the details of how new features are incorporated into the XRPL. Unlike cryptocurrencies that opt to go down the hard fork route, Ripple favors an Amendment Process. In a nutshell, for a new feature to be introduced to the…

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