‘Ripple One’ Discord Channel Opened To Discuss XRP Fork

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A Discord chat has been opened for those that want to re-create the Ripple network, essentially forking XRP. But so far, only a handful of posters have replied, and the general attitude is skeptical. Ripple Keeps XRP Price Low? The community of XRP owners has shown displeasure with the practice of Ripple to sell some of its 55 billion stash of coins each month. Some believe that XRP would command a higher price if the founding company abstained from selling. The talks of a hard fork started a few days ago, after Ripple unlocked one billion XRP, and awarded 100 million XRP additionally to Jed McCaleb, one of the co-founders of the protocol. Finally, Twitter personality @Crypto_Bitlord made the call for a hard fork, to create a mirror asset to XRP. Proud to announce the #RippleOne discord channel has opened! This is where we will begin structuring the $XRP fork…

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