Reviewing Topps MLB’s First Swing At NFTs

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We’re one week following the introductory release of Topps MLB NFTs, so let’s take a quick look at how things played out for Topps new venture into digital cards with the Series 1 MLB release, and how things are looking for the broader collectable NFT marketplace. NFTs: By The Numbers Over 1.3 million NFTs in nearly 80K packs were sold on Topps MLB opening day, April 20, with 74K packs selling out within the first hour. Total sales on the first day totaled just shy of $1.4M USD; the highlight moment being a Legendary Exclusive Mike Trout #1 mint sold for $87K USD just a few days later on the secondary market. To date, the days following the initial boom of sales for Topps have showed strong results, with over $400K USD daily sales. Since their debut, Topps have remained in the top three in 24 hour sales volume of…

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