Recent Bitcoin FOMO Sends Lost Key Holders Scrambling, Losing Sleep

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Bitcoin price recently doubled its former peak and set a new high above $40,000 per coin. The feat put the cryptocurrency back in the headlines as investors celebrated their success. But it isn’t a happy story for all Bitcoin holders, many of them who have lost coins over the years. Instead, the rally has prompted a three-fold increase in users who are scrambling to access lost BTC. Here’s how even the asset’s earliest investors are still losing sleep despite climbing prices. Bitcoin Rally Above $40K Reopens Wounds Of Lost BTC One of the greatest strengths Bitcoin offers is in its limited supply of only 21 million BTC. Even less are in circulation currently, and as much as 20% of what is in circulation is lost forever. Lost coins are a bonus for those holding Bitcoin, as this means the supply is even more limited than intended, and the price per…

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