Rapidly Growing Bitcoin of America Expands Its Territory Into Tennessee

Bitcoin is the first and a truly peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptocurrency. Part of what imparts Bitcoin and its underlying network value is the fact that anyone in the world can buy/own it, trade, and transact with it without the need for a third-party intermediary. As the Bitcoin FOMO is sweeping the globe once again, everyone wants a piece of the ultra-scarce digital currency. But not everyone knows where to exactly buy Bitcoin from. Bitcoin of America, a FinCEN-registered money services business, seeks to change that by offering Bitcoin ATMs directly to small business owners and merchants everywhere. Bitcoin of America is helping businesses monetize Bitcoin in an interesting way while also bringing new foot traffic to their storefronts with zero cost. And now, they’re expanding into the Tennessee area. Bitcoin ATMs Break Down Barriers To Accessing Crypto Traditionally Everyone wants to buy Bitcoin, and as much as they can as soon…

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