Pteria DAO presents the PTERIA Token

Blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency in general, have been one of the best innovations of the decade, but they are still little used worldwide. However, the adoption of crypto could grow once they reach very popular niches such as Gaming. For this reason, we need Gaming Currency, which is Tokens created to be used in the most popular games. And here comes Pteria DAO with its governance token, known precisely as PTERIA. What is the PTERIA Token The PTERIA Token is the Pteria DAO governance Token and was created to be distributed to third parties. The DAO, therefore the token holders, have the right to make proposals or vote on proposals already published. A great example is a collaboration between Pteria DAO and the Wallem application, a game similar to Pokemon GO where users can walk around collecting tokens and maybe even win cash prizes (branded accessories, discount coupons, and so…

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