Prominent Investors are Selling Bitcoin, Calling Recent Parabolic Rise “Unsustainable”

Bitcoin’s parabolic advance has finally come to an end, with bulls losing their footing following the recent break below $40,000 Its macro parabola could very well still be valid and in play, but it will require a firm and swift trend reversal in the near-term The entire market is reeling lower in tandem with Bitcoin, and investors widely believe that the ongoing descent could extend further This comes as one prominent Bitcoin investor from Guggenheim Partners notes that he is taking profits off the table Other prominent investors who watched their investment in Bitcoin explode over the past few weeks may be doing the same Bitcoin and the entire crypto market have been caught in the throes of immense turbulence throughout the past few days. Bulls have been unable to gain any ground against bears as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most other altcoins all plunge lower. Where the market trends in…

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