Privacy Protection Protocol Suterusu to Auction Its In-House xSuter Tokens

Built on cryptographic zk-ConSnark technology, Suterusu protocol announces that it is launching the auction of its in-house token xSuter to further its vision of creating a better system for distributing fees accumulated via different smart contracts. The xSuter will be auctioned through a famous price discovery process called the Dutch Auction – wherein the auctioneer begins with a high asking price and lowers it until a participant accepts the price. Suterusu is the world’s first privacy protocol that protects transaction information by converting digital assets into their anonymized versions. The platform incorporates zk-ConSnark technology to shield users’ identity and the financial value of the cryptocurrencies transferred. Compared to other privacy protocols, Suterusu is highly scalable and supports smart contracts. An Attempt to Better the Fee Distribution System Suter is the utility and governance token of the platform. It allows holders to participate in the on-chain decision-making of the Suterusu network…

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