Peter Schiff Attacks Bitcoin as Silver Rallies to Six-Year High

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Peter Schiff attacked Bitcoin over its inability to beat Silver at its intraday gains. The prominent gold bug said the metal is the new Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts shot back, accusing Mr. Schiff of cherry-picking data to propagate his anti-Bitcoin agenda. Peter Schiff believes silver’s rally will be short-lived. In condemning it, he called the metal “the new Bitcoin.” The previous one was a scam run by degenerate gamblers, says Schiff. It lacked a use case and had no underlying value; only greed and hype drove it higher. That is why the old version was inching towards a disaster. So does that make Silver the same since it is the new version of a problematic Bitcoin? Only Peter Schiff can explain – the man behind these conflicting and typically confusing remarks. Bitcoin FUD The prominent gold bug was at it again this Wednesday. He went after Bitcoin for – hear this…

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