People Should be Able to Live the Life of Their Dreams Trading on Digitex: Adam Todd, Founder & CEO, Digitex Futures

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Bitcoinist just recently had the opportunity to catch up with Adam Todd, Founder & CEO of Digitex Futures. Matters pertaining to progress on the development of the futures trading platform and many more things were discussed. Here’s the complete interview. Digitex is launching at a time when the futures markets have become a lot more crowded. What makes it different from other futures trading platforms? Zero fees allow manual scalpers to trade a lot which will create a new breed of very active futures traders on Digitex who cant trade like that anywhere else without getting killed by commissions. UI is also set up to facilitate quick, manual trading which will create a large group of engaged users. How did you come up with the idea for Digitex? I’d been a futures trader for years, both in the open outcry pits and on screens and commissions had always held me…

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