Oxen Review | The Future Of Decentralized Privacy Tools

When Bitcoin was created, it gave birth to a whole world of varied and diverse cryptocurrencies. A key attribute of this new cryptocurrency technology was anonymity. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, was a champion of privacy, and to this day no one knows their true identity. Over time, however, privacy became a polarizing topic in the crypto industry. Fast forward to this past year, and privacy is an issue that has become incredibly dominant again. Hackers are more advanced, governments agencies are getting better with blockchain tools, and even some of those who took the extra step to use cold storage (hardware wallets) recently had their personal details leaked on the internet. Simply put, privacy is more important than ever. As crypto and digital economies take hold, preserving privacy will become one of the most crucial factors for the success of the technology. As such, we’re digging into Oxen…

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