Owning Bitcoin “Is a Must” Says Price of Tomorrow Author, Jeff Booth

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Bitcoin is a first of its kind financial technology born out of the Great Recession. It is designed specifically to be opposed to everything central banks stand for. It’s for those very reasons that The Price of Tomorrow author Jeff Booth believes that Bitcoin “is a must” to own to preserve one’s wealth and act as a “life boat” in the future. What Is The Price of Tomorrow? Jeff Booth is an entrepreneur that built his empire successfully during the dot-com bust and later amidst the Great Recession Bitcoin was also born from. Booth is a firm believer in utilizing technology for positive change and in improving financial inefficiencies. He also recently released a book at the start of 2020 called The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future. The book touches on several topics that have only become more relevant since the book was…

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