Options Platform FinNexus Launches Lucrative Trading Contest

Multi-chain platform FinNexus has released details of its upcoming decentralized options trading competition. The platform, which facilitates options trading along with liquidity mining and staking, is giving away 60,000 FNX in prizes – over $25,000 at the time of writing. The trading contest will commence on April 15 at 12:00 UTC, and conclude fifteen days later at the same time. An Options Trading Battle Royale FinNexus says the battle royale is the first cross-chain decentralized options trading competition in history, with traders able to participate via three separate blockchains, namely Ethereum, BSC, or Wanchain. Entrants’ performance will be gauged on the three chains together, and there is no sign-up process: all addresses automatically qualify to provide they meet certain requirements. Participants can trade options on any underlying asset – BTC, ETH, LINK, MKR or SNX – with any strike price or expirations at their own discretion, with no cap on…

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