OKEx Promises Exciting Promotions To Support Launch Of Algorand Stablecoins

As demand has spiked all across the cryptocurrency board, especially stablecoins, leading spot and derivatives trading platform OKEx has announced support for two of the most market’s most popular stablecoins on the Algorand protocol. The move is in response to users searching for more options related to stablecoins and alternative protocols to avoid rising transaction fees. OKEx Introduces USDTa and USDCa, Coming In Days The Bitcoin market has been booming over the last twelve months, reviving the interest surrounding cryptocurrencies. The resurgence of development activity and users led to an explosion of new DeFi applications with incredible use cases. Users have flocked to DeFi applications, many of which are built on Ethereum, causing related ETH gas fees to soar. When it comes to DeFi projects, it is a necessary cost associated with doing business. However, stablecoins on the Ethereum protocol have also been impacted by substantial transactions, discouraging users from…

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