Not Just DeFi, SaTT ICO Also Gained Well In The Cryptocurrency Market

The past weeks have been very eventful for the entire cryptocurrency space as DeFi becomes the hottest word on everyone’s lips. Just like the 2017 ICO incredible wave, DeFi is replicating the same pattern but a more sustainable one. The Defi surge has been welcomed with a stunning interest with an all-time high of $9.51 billion locked in the protocol as of September 2, according to DeFiPulse. With over 6% of ETH supply locked in the protocol, DeFi has contributed largely to the increase in network activities in the Ethereum blockchain, leading to network congestion and incredibly high fees. And of course, ETH’s price has been a fair reflection of the DeFi explosion. We probably were engulfed in all the euphoria, but not to the extent of not noticing the massive feat pulled by SaTT blockchain project. The month started off on a good note for SaTT as the blockchain-based…

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